Midwest Mental Health Project


The Mingenew Community Resource Centre and Mingenew Shire, with support from the Mingenew Silver Chain branch committee have been working on a project designed to address the issue of men's mental health in rural and remote areas.

The project, currently titled 'Check Mate' is designed to break down the stereotypes of what it means to be a man, Midwest Project.pngand provide an opportunity for participants to develop skills to identify mental health warning signs in their fellow community members and themselves.

Studies have shown that depression and suicide rates are much higher in rural areas with the number of suicides being double in men than women. We have had a number of significant tragedies within our community over the past 12 months, including two suicides.

We identified a lack of support and services in our community for men and have decided to fill the gap.  The ultimate outcome of this project is to create support networks between the men in our community, and provide key male leaders within the community with Mental Health First Aid training.

We chose Tomorrow Architects as our facilitators as they have a unique hand's on approach when tackling the 'man space'. The project will target men from as young as 14 to the senior community members.

If anyone is interested in following our project or would like to host workshops in their community please contact

Candice at the Mingenew Community Resource Centre on 9928 1264 or

Ella at the Mingenew Shire 9928 1102.