Pemberton CRC links the South West to Asian Markets (28 February 2017)


The Pemberton Community Resource Centre has launched an exciting project Access Asia Now, which aims to link Image of Hong KongPemberton, and the wider South West, to new and developing Asian markets.

Throughout 2016, the Pemberton CRC identified issues of differences in culture, language and business practices as barriers to local tourism and agri-businesses from accessing, developing and extending Asian markets.  In response, the CRC has developed Access Asia Now, which aims to provide Translation, Cultural and Business Training services across the South West.

Access Asia Now will increase the ability of local businesses to communicate with Asian customers, to market products in ways that are culturally sympathetic and which maximise the potential to make a sale and to understand the intricacies and differences in which business is done across Asia.

Access Asia Now will provide a comprehensive business solution for businesses and organisations who want to work in this space but just don't know where to start as well as providing one on one support for those already developing projects but needing some assistance in maximising potential. 

Sarah-Jayne Griffiths, Manager of the Pemberton CRC, said, "This project is a great example of how Community Resource Centres can spot community need and develop projects that fill those gaps, creating economic development within our communities.  The Pemberton Community Resource Centre is proud to be a trusted source of community and business training. 

"Now, through Access Asia Now, we can extend the relationship we have with the community to provide that hands on support needed to help Asian customers find our businesses, visit  our region and ultimately spend money in our towns.  Whether it be a local Winemaker who would like Tasting notes translated, a café that would like a 'Welcome' sign in Mandarin, a Hotel wanting a Mandarin website or an Agri-business needing product marketing, we can do all of that and more."

Businesses wanting more information can find it at or by emailing

The Pemberton CRC is looking forward to working with businesses to develop the service to be of maximum benefit to them.

Access Asia Now has been made possible by the State Government's Royalties for Regions program. The Pemberton CRC is incredibly grateful to the Department of Regional Development for providing support to develop programs and projects to encourage community connectedness and economic development.  Access Asia Now is a great example of government, community groups and businesses working together for great outcomes.

Media Contact: 

Sarah-Jayne Griffiths
p: 08 9776 1745

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